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Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) has recently achieved significant milestones in its exploration efforts. Focused on the Phillips Township Property in NW Ontario, Canada, the company reported remarkable high-grade results from recent sampling, including gold concentrations of up to 204.005 g/t Au. To support its exploration and operational costs, Golden Rapture raised CAD $265,562 through a private placement of FT and NFT Units.

The company has also commenced drilling at the Combined Mine area, sending 61 promising samples for assay results, with a focus on identifying high-grade gold deposits. These developments mark substantial progress in Golden Rapture’s exploration activities.

Phillips Township Property

Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) has made the Phillips Township Property a central focus of its exploration efforts. Located in the prolific geological region of NW Ontario, this property spans an area with a rich history of mineralization, making it a prime target for exploration. The geological setting of Phillips Township features favorable rock formations known to host significant gold deposits, enhancing the potential for discovering economically viable mineral resources.

The property’s strategic location and promising geological characteristics have driven Golden Rapture to intensify its exploration activities. Initial programs included systematic sampling and geological mapping to identify areas with high mineralization potential. These foundational efforts have paved the way for more advanced exploration techniques, such as drilling, to further delineate the extent of the mineral deposits.

Recent Results

Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) is pleased to announce the completion of its spring surface sampling program and the commencement of drilling at the Combined Mine area on the Phillips Township Property in the Rainy River District, NW Ontario.

The company has reported exceptional high-grade results from its follow-up sampling program, emphasizing the potential for significant mineralization within the Phillips Township Property. Key results from the sampling include:

  • Sample 17446: 204.005 g/t Au, Young’s Bay
  • Sample 17412: 125.001 g/t Au, Combined Mine
  • Sample 494795: 109.003 g/t Au, Combined Mine
  • Sample 17487: 66.022 g/t Au, Mascotte Mine
  • Sample 494760: 61.102 g/t Au, Young’s Bay
  • Sample 494761: 58.104 g/t Au, Young’s Bay
  • Sample 17447: 43.701 g/t Au, Trojan Mine
  • Sample 17444: 24.005 g/t Au, Combined Mine

Private Pacement

To support its ambitious exploration goals, Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) successfully completed a non-brokered private placement, raising substantial capital to fund its ongoing and future activities. The private placement involved issuing 50,000 Flow-Through Units (FT Units) and 642,012 Non-Flow-Through Units (NFT Units), generating gross proceeds of CAD $150,000 and CAD $115,562, respectively. This strategic financing move reflects strong investor confidence in Golden Rapture’s exploration potential and business strategy.

Each FT Unit, priced at $0.25, consists of one common share and one-half of a common share purchase warrant, with each whole warrant exercisable at $0.35 per share for a period of 36 months. Similarly, each NFT Unit, priced at $0.18, includes one common share and one common share purchase warrant, exercisable at $0.25 per share for a period of 36 months. This financing structure not only strengthens the company’s financial position but also aligns the interests of investors with the company’s long-term success.

The proceeds from the FT Units are designated for Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE), primarily covering the costs of the upcoming drilling program and further sampling activities. This targeted allocation ensures that the company can maintain its exploration momentum without financial constraints, thereby maximizing the potential for discovering additional high-grade mineralization. Meanwhile, the funds raised through the NFT Units will be used for general administrative costs and unallocated working capital, providing the necessary financial flexibility to support the company’s overall operations.

Market Position and Future Outlook

Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR)’s listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the successful completion of its private placement have favorably positioned the company within the mining sector. The raised capital, along with promising high-grade exploration results, is likely to attract further investor interest and potentially open up additional funding opportunities for future expansion.

The exploration success at Phillips Township, coupled with the strategic use of raised capital, positions Golden Rapture as a formidable player in the mining industry. The company’s consistent delivery of high-grade results and advancement of its exploration projects are crucial for sustaining momentum and driving long-term growth. A total of 61 well-mineralized samples have been sent to the lab, with assay results pending. These samples are among the most promising to date, and drilling has commenced, targeting high-grade gold deposits. The anticipated drilling program is expected to provide further insights into the property’s potential, paving the way for detailed resource estimation and subsequent development.


Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) is poised for significant growth, fueled by high-grade results from the Phillips Township Property and strategic financial planning. The company’s successful private placement and upcoming drilling program highlight its potential to unlock substantial mineral resources, thereby enhancing shareholder value. As Golden Rapture advances its exploration activities, it stands on the brink of transforming its promising prospects into tangible successes, driving value for shareholders and contributing positively to the broader mining industry.

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